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Craft chocolate - you already knew it existed, but you were still pleasantly surprised to learn that now it’s a big deal right here in Singapore.

The world renowned bean-to-bar chocolate maker Francoise Pralus from French Roanne will be available for pre-order at Hello Chocolate online store, bringing with it a lot of creative options. From the most popular Barre Infrenale with Pistachios to the collection of single origin chocolate bars, you’ll find something different.

But now, the French chocolate maker is back with another invention: Barre Infernal Nougat. This one is best described as a decadent and creamy treat that’s packed with Mars (France) honey and whole pistachios and almonds. It is available for pre-order now and will arrive in Singapore in 2-3 weeks. You’ll want to grab it early before it runs out. 


To enter for your chance to win Pralus Chocolate gift pack pre-order any Pralus chocolate product before midnight, 23rd of April.

Good luck and stay chocolate! SHOP HERE 

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