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The real sign that Christmas is around the corner is the appearance of festive chocolates on shelves of our Hello Chocolate Kiosk at Pedder on Scotts and in our flagship online chocolate store, and the all-important gift sets. Chocolate makers have to kick things off earlier than most; the first production of our Christmas releases gives the chocolate maker an unseasonably festive aroma months ahead of anywhere else. But the results of that are more than worth waiting for…

Here's a quick run-down of our first festive offering available now!

low sugar dark chocolate | ocelot porcelana 88% at Hello Chocolate

Also live in our online shop today is the answer to the prayers of anyone who knows a fan of dark chocolate with high cocoa content but isn't quite sure what to get them for Christmas. Every celebration worthy of being marked on the calendar deserves to be commemorated with great dark chocolate, especially if we are talking about such smooth bar as this Porcelana 88% by Ocelot Chocolate. So we have the first new festive chocolate at Hello Chocolate ready and waiting! 

Want to make this bar part of your own Christmas gift creation? Learn how here. 



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