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It is always a good idea to get as early as possible to newly renovated Tokyo’s original dapachika in Ginza. At precisely 10am in the morning you are going to get your overdose of Japanese graceful bows from welcoming employees. Step inside Mitsukoshi department store and you will find absolutely astonishing selection of international and Japanese baked stuff, sweets and, of course, chocolate gifts with counter of Francois Pralus owning honourable space in the middle of this sweet bonanza. Although, everything is looks bleak and cheap in front of the 150$ melon.
By the time the Mast Brothers started to be interested in bean-to-bar chocolate (to be exact in 2006) the solid basis for the nowadays popularity of craft chocolate was cemented by such pioneers as Pralus or Michel Cluizel.
Francois Pralus is the master of dark chocolate roast. He’s one of few who finally managed to prevent single origin cacao beans from being bitter ash. Try his Djacarta single origin bar and you would  feel like you are enjoying your afternoon in one of the iconic chocolate cafes. Nutty? Buttery? Don’t try to describe it. Just relax and enjoy.
There is no other Christmas gift like Pralus’ Barre Infernale Pistache or any other combination from his collection. Especially if combined with other luxury bars in neatly-packed Hello Chocolate hamper. Yes, make you chocoholic friends addiction even worse.  
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 Now, some history. Francois Pralus polished his craft under legendary Bernachon, who put Lyon on chocolate map not so long time ago. Now Francoise shares his fame. He went even further purchasing 40-acre plantation of fine cacao in Madagascar in order to control chocolate making perfection from the beginning to the end. Not being afraid of losing his stellar status he’s willingly shares his wealth suck well-known chocolatiers as Pierre Herme, Jaean-Paul Hevin and Henri Leroux. Let’s add two famous Paris chocolate boutiques to the list. And don’t forget strong presence of the brand in NY fine bean-to-bar spots.
And now this outstanding chocolate is available in Singapore. Some of you already remember this absolutely addictive Barre Infernale with pistachio potion inside. With Pralus we are launching our experimental Pre-Order Campaign. From now and only for a week we will run absolutely crazy 30% OFF promo on the whole collection of a chocolate brand. Shop now and receive your order within 3 weeks. Let’s enjoy good price on good chocolate.  

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