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It’s time to tie your ribbons and fill your Christmas hampers with best chocolate from around the world. Today we would like to introduce you to one of the brands we love. It was out of stock for quite a some time. But now it is coming back and we would like to make some noise around it.   

It’s tasty food rule number one: Nail the balance of ingredients – A rule we know Akesson’s abides by. Since branching out into bean-to-bar chocolate from their original, spices and cocoa beans trade, the brand was winning numerous chocolate awards for it’s quality-first mentality. Their pitch-perfect beans (they make amazing Brazil 75% made of forastero beans), spices and French tradition of chocolate making add up to chocolate that taste so good, they have us ready to empty our fridge and start fresh with these elevated, effortlessly tasty chocolate bars.   


Starting with a foundation of all the classics every chocolate lover needs, like smooth, well-balanced Bali 75%, and super-creamy no-sugar Madagascar, the add pieces with a bit more personality, like the Wild & Pink pepper chocolate. Every bar receives the same attention to detail as their core plain bars, from the cocoa beans and fermenting, down to the roasting and conching. In essence, it’s the full package: super good beans, perfect recipe, and amazing spices that can be eaten every day.  

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