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 labooko chocolate online

The word on the streets is that on 23rd February 2018 Labooko by Zotter arrived at Hello Chocolate on a cloudy and stuffy Friday afternoon.

According to the legend European’s most experimental, boundary-pushing chocolate maker and not less so craft chocolate retailer from Singapore combined forces to distribute an artful and provocative chocolate that combined their respective talents & chocolate making skills.

The 50% Dark Milk Nicaragua (The best milk chocolate in the world) is currently filling shopping carts and our shelves. The Dark Style milk chocolate without sugar is satisfying our health-conscious and vegan customers. There are some single origin varieties that you love so much.

We don’t need to tell a lot more about this chocolate but we would not want you to go too excited. Curb your excitement until we launch our chocolate subscription in March. 

Labooko is available now online and from 24th of February in our chocolate kiosks at Scotts Square and at The Providore Downtown.

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