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You don't need to pack your bags. Let Hello Chocolate take you on a journey across the globe to one of more than 100 international chocolate destinations. Escape abroad anytime with award-winning chocolate bars from our online store. Nor destination is too far; we start this 2018-2019 season with Spain and Scotland. But there are much more exciting destinations ahead. 

Here we will try to draw a map of all the great craft chocolate brands from around the world and we invite you to contribute. Leave us a comment or shoot us an email to if you know some great active chocolate brands that are not on the list yet. Let's build the biggest craft chocolate catalogue together! 

Award-Winning and Simply Great Chocolate From Around the World:


  • Chocolat Madagascar (Madagascar)
  • Fairafric (Ghana)
  • Menakao Chocolate (Madagascar)


  • Amano Chocolate Company (United States)
  • Arete Fine Chocolate (United States)
  • Askinosie Chocolate (United States)
  • Bellflower Chocolate Co (United States)
  • BETA5 (Canada)
  • Cacao Hunters (Colombia)
  • Cacaosuyo (Peru)
  • Castronovo Chocolate (United States)
  • Charm School Chocolate (United States)
  • Chocolates El Rey (Venezuela)
  • Chocotenango (United States)
  • Cochu Chocolatier (Canada)
  • Cocoa Hunters (Colombia)
  • Compartes (United States)
  • DesBarres Chocolat (Canada)
  • Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate (United States)
  • David H. Chow Chocolates & Confections (Canada)
  • Dreams of Eva (Peru)
  • East Van Roasters (Canada)
  • Forte Chocolates (United States)
  • Fresh Coast Chocolate Co (United States)
  • Fruition Chocolate (United States)
  • Hummingbird Chocolate Maker (Canada)
  • La Rifa Chocolateria (Mexico)
  • LetterPress Chocolate (United States)
  • Marana (Peru)
  • Nina Fine Chocolates (Peru)
  • Nugali (Brazil)
  • Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador)
  • Palette de Bine (Canada)
  • Potomac Chocolate (United States)
  • Rogue Chocolatier (United States)
  • Qantu (Canada)
  • Shatell Chocolate (Peru)
  • Sirene (Canada)
  • Soma Chocolatemaker (Canada)
  • Starchild Chocolate (United States)
  • Sweet Lollapallooza Fine Chocolates (Canada)
  • TA.CHO Taller de Chocolate (Mexico)
  • TCHO (United States)
  • The Violet Chocolate Company (Canada)
  • Zak's Chocolate (United States)


  • Chocolatier Palet d'Or (Japan)
  • Daito Cacao (Japan)
  • Fu Wan Chocolate (Taiwan)
  • Holy Cacao Chocolate (Israel)
  • Le Chocolat de H (Japan)
  • Minimal Bean to Bar Chocolate (Japan)
  • Musee du Chocolat Theobroma (Japan)
  • Sweets Escalier (Japan)
  • es koyama (Japan)


  • Akesson's (United Kingdom)
  • Amedei Tuscany (Italy)
  • Andreas Muschler (Germany)
  • Ara Chocolat (France)
  • Benoit Chocolats (France)
  • Bodrato Cioccolato (Italy)
  • Bonnat Chocolatier (Europe)
  • Cadeau Bonbon Manufaktura (Hungary)
  • Carre Noir (Belgium)
  • Cathryn Cariad Chocolates (United Kingdom)
  • Choc Amor (United Kingdom)
  • Chocolatte (United Kingdom)
  • Chocolate Tree (United Kingdom)
  • Chocolaterie Morin (France)
  • Clement (Germany)
  • Didier Smeets (Belgium)
  • Donna Elvira (Italy)
  • Evers & Tochter Manufaktur (Germany)
  • Forever Cacao (united Kingdom)
  • Friis-Holm (Denmark)
  • Giraudi Cioccolato (Italy)
  • Guido Castagana (Italy)
  • Harrer Chocolat (Hungary)
  • Jaqcues Bockel chocolatier createur (France)
  • Malmo Chocoladfabrik (Sweden)
  • Omnom Chocolate (Iceland)
  • Piccola Pasticceria (Italy)
  • Pump Street Bakery Chocolate (United Kingdom)
  • Raoul Boulanger (France)
  • Schell Chocoladen (Germany)
  • Solkiki Craft Chocolatemaker (United Kingdom)
  • Sweetic (Hungary)
  • Tobago Estate Chocolate (Sweden)
  • Truffel Guse (Germany)
  • Utopick Cacao (Spain)
  • chocoMe (Hungary)
  • Winchester Cocoa Company (United Kingdom)


  • Cailo Chocolate (Australia)
  • Hogarth Craft Chocolate (New Zealand)
  • Metiisto Artisan Chocolate (Australia)
  • The Australian Chocolate Farm (Australia)
  • The Smooth Chocolator (Australia)


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