Same day chocolate delivery in Singapore | International delivery

Here at Hello Chocolate we like to embrace the little differences between each other. We think variety is the spice of life and we strive to unite diversity in a single place  so we can all learn a bit more about the world without having to travel too far. Whether you are from Ecuador, Africa, Vietnam or America you are welcome here. You may be a little bit nutty, you might have a spicy fiery nature, you might have a dark side to you, we don’t even mind if you are a little bitter. You may prefer to dress in sleek dark colours, or you may drape yourself in golds, silvers and artistic designs. To us you are all special and your individuality makes us better people for knowing you.


Now we don’t wish to disparage the good work of our brothers and sisters in the chocolate business here, they have done well to build some good quality brands, but when we look around us we see monotonous armies of chocolate homogeny, huddled in enclaves of segregation. Singapore prides itself on being a multi-lingual, multi-cultural, multi-gastronomical melting pot and we celebrate that at Hello Chocolate by bringing you a world of chocolate diversity. Nowhere else on the island will you find such a range of chocolates from so many countries, so please take your time to meet a few of our diverse and wonderful friends and we think your life will be richer for it.

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