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Mikkel Friis-Holm – one of the best Danish chocolate makers – left 2015 International Chocolate Awards with six medals in his pocket including one for his 85% La Dalia the lazy cocoa grower bar. He also played well in single origin dark chocolate segment and in the segment of plain milky chocolate bars.

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Just a little bit of context. International Chocolate Awards has a similar level of prestige among chocolate makers and chocolate lovers to Worlds 50 Best Restaurants list. Making chocolate is, in fact, even more difficult to make any other type of food. In order to make a chocolate bar, cocoa pods should be harvested and cut open. Then the seeds covered with a white sweet substance should be fermented for several days.

Friis Holm is famous for demonstrating how fermentation process is very important for creating the flavour of the end product. His 70% Nicaragua bars demonstrate how the fact that cocoa beans are turned twice of thrice can create a significant difference in the taste of the chocolate.     

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Friis-Holm also adds a lot to a milky chocolate uprising among bean-to-bar chocolate makers. In times when mass-market chocolates have a cocoa content of about 20%-30%, the “new” bean-to-bar milk chocolate makers like Friis Holm use higher cocoa butter and cocoa solids content to make their bars less sweet. The brand produces two well-know dark milk bars: with 55% and 65% of cocoa solids respectively. Having been experimenting with different beans and fermentation periods, Friis Holme ended up with “full-bodied and tasty” cocoa from Nicaragua. His final goal is to move through creamy and caramel flavours of milk toward preserving cacao flavours. What he’s got in result are bars that can proudly take place in a shopping cart of any sophisticated chocolate lover.    

Friis Holm is a frequent guest on pages of reputable magazines from Huffington Post to Financial Times. His Rugoso Nicaragua 70% plain chocolate bar was included in the list of 10 best chocolate treats by The Telegraph. He was also included in the list of five of the best European chocolate makers by the Financial Time.

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