Same day chocolate delivery in Singapore | International delivery

The Dark & Milk Birthday Chocolate Collection designed and developed by gifting expert Hello Chocolate, sounds like it shouldn't be possible. It's a touching dark and milk chocolate collection similar to those found only in the best world'd chocolate shops and department stores  but with one key difference: the Hello Chocolate gift contains all best examples of milk and dark chocolate from around the world in one box containing good selection of  plain single origin dark "best chocolate you never tasted" by Vietnamese Marou, "best milk chocolate in the world" by Zotter and great Madagascan chocolate by Manakao.

It is possible because Hello Chocolate has best collection of carefully selected artisanal and bean-to-bar chocolate in Singapore and was lucky to represent one of the greatest chocolate makers of modern times. Hello Chocolate combines inventions of great chocolate brands from around the world and wrap it in delightful gifting experience. Our gift inventions have potential to drastically cut delivery time around Singapore and Southeast Asia.

There is a luxury chocolate gift box currently being tested in Hello Chocolate's innovation center in Singapore. But it's just one in a long line of future gift products.

We have our state-of-art gift laboratory that is designed for tinkering with gift designing and delivery system. The winning ingredients are and adventurous spirit and a collaborative exchange with both clients and the company's global network of innovators and designers. Hello Chocolate keeps this cented discrete from the more result-oriented business development teams. Failure is not only encouraged but also regarded as a sign of intellectual courage.

Things are bold and daring on the gift innovation side where people are playing with creativity. There is work is insulated from the daily constraints of doing business in a conglomerate.    

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