Same day chocolate delivery in Singapore | International delivery

Sticky-note pads or a plastic water bottle might be a too harsh way to thank your teacher, but we can’t stop thinking that we can offer a way better gift that will be delivered fast around Singapore. Our gifts are always the best options for last-minute Teacher's Day gift. Although we encourage you to take care of it in advance. 

She can be a very fresh university graduate or your kid’s attentive and persistent tutor. Send them Thank You gifts that will never collect dust or be thrown away.

If you are thinking about small gifts for all of your teachers, you can opt those cure, gourmet and customized gifts with delicious whole almonds coated in dark or milk chocolate produced by Greek Hatziyiannakis. In addition, they are 100% customisable with your personal gift message. 

teachers day chocolate gifts | best chocolate online

This innovative heat-protective stylish gift envelope is the perfect size for a handbag. It will be a great gift for any gender (Beleive us, you male swimming tutor also loves chocolate). Send 3 or more gifts to one place and get FREE SHIPPING. We will also include three different customized gift messages to each of your favourite teachers.  

Are you thinking about something bigger? You can create your personal gourmet gift and fill it with luxury and real (this part is very important) chocolates from around the world.

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