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milk chocolate

Until recently milk chocolate was the most popular type of chocolate for eating and gaining some weight.  Milk chocolate is made of chocolate liquor. Have no clue what chocolate liquor is? We don’t blame you but are willing to fill the gap. Chocolate liquor is the centres of cacao beans (so-called “nibs”) ground to a liquid with the addition of some sugar, milk solids, cocoa butter and vanilla. The finished product usually comes in solid bars, although there are plenty other shapes and sometimes quite weird forms like chocolate aeroplanes, bunnies and even … Let me stop here because this post can be easily read by kids.

Despite many fun forms like eggs or bunnies, the quality of milk chocolate is usually very disappointing for the very simple reason that the producers don’t bother themselves with taste and quality of ingredients as soon as the shape is there. Although very often shape is very close to those unappealing brown things that can be found along the city roads. 

For your pure enjoyment, it may be smarter to give your preference to a standard milky bar. There is higher probability to find good quality. But the easiest way is to shop with Hello Chocolate because we are doing all dirty work of tasting low-quality products for you. Beyond the range of best milk chocolate from around the world we have an astonishing range of flavours combinations: liquorice and sea salt, Melissa, whole strawberry, sea salt and coconut sugar, salted almonds, you name it.

milk chocolate

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Chocolate snobs, of cause, do not appreciate milk chocolate. Such is the price of popularity.        

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