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January is the month when we are restlessly trying to keep our promises in  the form of various resolutions. Languages learning, perfect 6-pack, reading, swimming, not drinking, detoxing and of cause dieting.  But please leave your chocolate alone. It won’t do any harm to your health. Only one condition applies, it should be real. Like the one produced by our beloved small batch chocolate makers.
All of our brand are dedicated to making the best quality chocolate our of just a few ingredients. They really don’t like to add and don’t like to take. Vegetable fat? It’s a blasphemy. Additives are permitted only in a form of natural ingredients like dried fruits of hand-pulled taffy. It also means that few of them add any preservatives. Most of the processes they perform manually making chocolate that is real with it’s own character that contains spirit of cacao beans and passion of the masters. Their chocolate bars are full of antioxidants and minerals. Minimal processing of cacao beans bring a great manifold of scent and flavours to the chocolate.
Still think that mass-market chocolate is not so bad? We would advise you to run an experiment. You can unwrap one bar of real chocolate from our collection (any bar of Marou or Akesson’s chocolate will work just fine) and any “dark’ chocolate bar of any mass-market brand. Than simply relax and witness how’s your “not-so-bad” mass-market “chocolate” sinking in richness of amazing natural smells of the real chocolate. Goodbye, Lindt!!!
We don’t want to annoy you with all those talks about sustainability and fait trade. They are very often overused and very easily manipulated with. But just think about losing chocolate as we used to know it completely and permanently. Mass marked corporations already know how to hide this problem under concept of compound chocolate. Each and every year this “chocolate” contains less of cacao and more vegetable fats and other chemicals. They will continue to do it until the day when real cacao will be completely substituted by a new “innovative” nutrient. Sound apocalyptic? Yes, it does. But probability of this prophecy to be self-fulfilled is very high just because to grow quality cacao beans is difficult. And it requires a lot of education of farmers, a lot of technical and financial support.
But like in any apocalyptic movie there is a growing army of small and medium producers with strict commitment to save The Chocolate Planet. They work in small groups around the globe and they are well connected. They are brave and fair. They are Robin Hoods of modern days. They take a market share from rich ones and give it to the poorest ones (leaving some margin for themselves, of cause).
… to be continued.

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