Same day chocolate delivery in Singapore | International delivery

 Wedding favours are a great tool to show your wedding guests your appreciation and respect. It is something that will make them remember your wedding party. But too often those useless and meaningless favours get left behind or thrown away the morning after. So here’s the most important rule of how to choose memorable and bright wedding favours.

 Be Practical.

 Same works with any gift. You want to put some thoughts into your favours. So think twice before you spend you cash on some odd statues, candles or small boxes of crap. Ask yourself – is this something I would like to receive as a gift? We are sure that you don’t want your wedding favour to collect dust or –worse yet – to find it in a trash bean after your wedding party. The best way to go is to consider something practical of edible. Edible wedding favours are the safest option all guest can enjoy. Especially if we are talking about chocolate. It is also good way to identify real friends. If someone doesn’t like chocolate think twice before putting the weirdo into your guest list. Kidding, of cause! So are you ready to impress your wedding guests with exceptional quality, award-winning packaging that looks like a piece of art and healthiest possible chocolate? Than go all the way to our Wedding Favours & Door Gifts section.        

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