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best chocolate song on spotify, chocolate and music

Search for chocolate on the internet and you’ll retrieve a plethora of results. Some might even bring you here. However, how far does your chocolate intrigue take you? Try typing the word into Spotify and you are taken to a surreal world of audio chocolate.
Please ignore the obvious here. Hot Chocolate is not the answer. Isaac Hayes’ Chocolate Salty Balls are too obviously crass for this mix. I want to explore the eclectic chocolate specialities that might lead you to be inspired by a whole different group of artists endorsing the brown stuff. Or perhaps you will just want to cram cocoa nibs into your ears until you can’t hear any more.
First let your ears bend around Amon Tobin’s ‘Chocolate Lovely’. It’s hard to believe that Tobin’s album Super Modified is 15 years old. Its piled high with innovation. Thematic melodies that sound if they are constantly on the edge of a magician’s reveal, whilst a rhythmic cacophony of snare drums and cymbals collide in waterfall down a sheer drop. Chocolate Lovely is smooth, yet dark, and bitter on the tongue. Melt over skin and add salt to taste.



Consider that you got a bit of Amon’s melted chocolate lovely on your jeans and you had to take them round to your mum to clean. When you open the back gate, you find your BMX tied to the fence and the girl from next door chatting to your dad in the kitchen. On the radio, 1980’s Scottish Pop icons, Deacon Blue singing ‘Chocolate Girl’, crooning through mouthfuls of Iron Bru and haggis. Probably now grafting pies to carpet tiles in a pub in Dundee. Don’t expect sophistication, just a good honest bit of 80’s pop indulgence. Cheap milk chocolate bar with a chewy centre.


Leaving the bosom of your home behind, you snap the foil off a blue bar of chocolate. Blue religious chocolate. Not sold? Understandable, but then you probably need to be consuming more than chocolate to fully contemplate the breadth of Tom Wait’s discography. Thankfully, blues is as simple as it is complicated. Like religion. And chocolate. So I’ll introduce you to ‘Chocolate Jesus’. This squealing, dirty, rasping, plodding tune appears to have been recorded in a broken down barn somewhere on an old farm in the back of Tom Wait’s mind. It’s a little beauty. Dark with smoked, earthen notes and a liquid whiskey centre.


Next up are Tosca. As unlikely as it might be that I would support another deity cast in cocoa. I bring you ‘Chocolate Elvis’. Or rather Tosca do. Making Amon Tobin seem young and spritely, this Dorfmeister / Huber love child is a striking 21 years old. Coming of age in a milk chocolatey mess in the back of a battered BMW estate car somewhere in the black forest. Nothing really happens during the 5 or so minutes that you are listening this track. It just allows you to wiggle your metaphysical toes in the warmth of your subconscious slippers. It’s a bit like a nice warm mug of cocoa that maybe has a bit more Valium in it than you needed.


Just when you thought you were slipping into your ‘Toscan’ cardigan and heading for some jazz induced duvet time, there is a knock at the door. Bleary eyed and slightly numb from chocolate Elvis, you peer through the spy hole to see Theophilus London clutching a bottle of Merlot. Like a cat awoken by electricity, you fling open the door, dive into your neoprene onesey and quickly start your mirror ball. Time for some ‘Wine & Chocolate’, and possibly if Theophilus is feeling accommodating, some ‘love in modern times’. But you should probably get to know each other first. This one has fruit and nuts. Comes in a funky rapper. Too much? Ok I’ll leave now.


That is the end of my musical chocolate journey. Feel free to continue yours at your leisure.
Full Hello Chocolate playlist on Spotify 


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