Same day chocolate delivery in Singapore | International delivery

The days are becoming colder and sun is going down much earlier, which can only mean that Christmas is coming… Wait a second!!! Where!??? In Singapore!!!? No way! Colder and shorted days in Singapore can mean only one thing: the End of the world is coming.
In Singapore first clear sign of coming Christmas is Orchard Road decorated with Christmas decorations and advertisements. The rest is the same, except some hazy days this year.
But what is common for any country is that Christmas celebration is really incomplete without a chocolate indulgences and gifts.
This Christmas we put together a great selection of gourmet chocolate gifts that will fill your celebration with delight.
Looking for a gift for your loved ones, friends, clients, colleagues and/or family? Or maybe you want to prize yourself for one more successful year? We always have something to offer.

The Christmas Collection

Christmas would be incomplete without a selection of great gourmet chocolate to share with loved ones after warm and hearty feast. We choose four great chocolate products from around the world. All of them contain some Christmas flavours or colors. This combination of milk and dark chocolate will make you event closer to your loved ones.


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