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We used to the fact that best chocolate comes to us from Europe and North America. But the fact that very often this chocolate is made from South American high-quality cacao beans is even more surprising as the later was always lacking fine chocolate makers. But at least one company started to make one of the best world’s chocolates made from cacao beans grown in it’s home country – Ecuador.

Historically Latin America was one of the biggest exporter of one of the finest cacao beans. But now it seems the time to drastically enhance the whole part connected with logistics, distribution and profit sharing.

For Pacari it was always conscious decision to keep its chocolate making business in Ecuador and produce chocolate from locally grown cacao beans. The company was founded in Quito, Ecuador by native Ecuadorian Santiago Peralta and his wife, Clara Barboto. A decade later Pacari chocolate became 13-times International Chocolate Award winner and widely known bean-to-bar chocolate brand across America and around the world, including Singapore. 

"We wanted to have something to stand on, a business where we could have something organic and economically sustainable," Peralta said.

First five years the couple spent constantly learning about cacao and key processes of chocolate production: fermenting, drying, roasting and grounding.

Next step was building personal relationship with cacao farmers and teaching them how to grow quality beans that will add much more to value to their hard business. Direct relationship not only increased trust among parties, but had massive social impact in a form of education and increase in life standards.  

Pacari teaches all people involved in cacao growing about the process of making fine chocolate. The company makes farmers more knowledgeable about optimal harvesting season and fermenting time as well as supplies them equipment and builds fermentation facilities.  

Santiago believes that chocolate is not just a way to earn money but also good way to promote the country and to add value to it’s international image.

It didn’t take long to see first results of such a approach. Historically, farmers believed that more branches produces more cacao which is completely wrong. The cacao tree requires constant pruning to get more access to sunlight. So in addition to increased quality of cacao beans new method of pruning promoted by Pacari made the cacao tree more manageable in terms of easiness of fruits collection.  

It also has economical effect for farmers bringing them more income and ability to reinvest in their business and their family’s education.

Pacari’s sustainable method of cacao growing and chocolate production attracted big US quality food grocer – Whole Foods. That is how Pacari got access to massive distribution in the US and became well-known in North America.  

Since 2015, thanks to Hello Chocolate’s effort, Pacari is available in Singapore. We have wide collection of Pacari chocolate bars, including award-winning limited editions in our online store and in our chocolate kiosk in Pedder on Scotts, Scotts Square.

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