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“Dark chocolate” can mean many absolutely different things. One of the important distinctive points is the percentage of the bitter chocolate liquor. It can vary as widely as 15 and 100%. The rest of the percentage will be sacrificed to other ingredients, mostly sugar. Obviously the higher the percentage of the liquor, the less sweet the chocolate. 

Chocolate on a lower percentage end of the dark is usually called semisweet chocolate and is basically milk chocolate without the milk. Although the terminology can vary as well. It is quite difficult to classify chocolate as semisweet, sweet, bitter, semi bitter, not-to-bitter, slightly-disgusting or as any other semi-hemi-nonsense type. The terminology used on the market exists to create as much mystery as possible around such simple thing as dark chocolate. Very often chocolate executives use this terminology fog to justify doubtful quality of chocolate they sell to us.

As everything in our life the answer is much simpler. In contrast to darker dark chocolate (75% and above) “semisweet” represents less expensive and less healthy option due to the sugar contain. If in case of milk chocolate at least part of the “sweet side of chocolate” is taken by milk it is even more healthy than some of “semisweet” representatives. Although sometimes it is good for cooking. Especially for souffles, mousses and cakes.

The biggest contribution to popularity of semisweet chocolate was made by the chocolate chips invented by The Nestle Company in 1930s specially for making Toll House Chocolate Crunch Cookies. Until our days the chocolate chips remain to be great material that inspires a lot of bakery creators around the world.

The chocolate with more that 50% of cacao contain usually referred as bittersweet chocolate. It is also very common practice to mention bars with 65% + cacao contain as “extra dark”. It also became very common to show cacao percentage right on the front side of the packaging.

But if you are really looking for healthier option the high-cacao-percentage is the way to go. We already described in our previous post how one can use dark chocolate to lose weight. But like any other healthy food option you have to be prepared that your 100% will taste like nothing. In this case we recommend to stick to “real chocolate” bars like one by Pralus, Akesson’s or Pacari. They are made from high-quality cacao beans and have very noticeable and natural flavours and aftertaste.

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