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Why should you love your dark chocolate? Just about every day one needs to include a couple of chunks of 88% or 100% dark chocolate.

You may not believe, dark or raw chocolate is not only full of health benefits but can, in fact, help you to get fitter and leaner body. With our “Fat-Burner” gifts box, your recipient is going to discover how to use dark chocolate to help with cravings for sugar and also to improve the cardiovascular system.

Every day you can see new reports or study about great things your chocolate can do to your body. It starts with increasing formation of new powerhouses in your cells, energy boost and improving your blood pressure. And, it seems that there is no end to those discoveries.   

But you will be amused even more if you dig into a recent study that proves that chocolate can cause fat loss, suppress your appetite and eliminate craving completely. 

The research compared to milk and dark chocolate and their effect on appetite and energy level. The participants were given of 100g piece of either milk or dark chocolate and after a couple of hours, they were allowed to eat as much ham-and-cheese pizza as they wanted. The result? Participants who ate dark chocolate were more satisfied with less pizza intake in comparison with those who ate milk chocolate.

So if you know that you want to send a gift to a health-conscious person (and we are talking about almost each and every person around you) or if you are looking for a great Get Well Soon Gift our brilliant range of 100% and low-sugar chocolates would be the best option to choose. Our healthy chocolate gift box features some of our finest 100% (no-sugar) dark chocolates - from the floral Pralus bar, to deep in taste raw chocolate bar by Pacari. The box becomes even more stylish when we add award-winning Heart of Darkness by one and the only Marou, Faiseurs de Chocolat.  

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