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We have just finished to celebrate Mother’s Day but we already see Father’s Day approaching us from around the corner. This 2016 year in Singapore we are going to celebrate it on June, 19th. And this year you definitely want to be original avoiding boring and prejudice driven bottles or whiskey, wine, cigars, shaving stuff etc. Hey! It is outdated to be alcoholic and heavy smoker those days. And beards are much more hip then any time before. Today it is cool to be healthy, eat and live well and consciously. But there are few industries that managed to revolutionise how and what we eat and craft chocolate is one of them. Here is our gift guide to some of our favourite chocolate gifts for him. 

Father's Day Chocolate Gifts

“The Explorer’s Dream” Chocolate Gifts Box.

Chocolate and travel were historically very tightly tied together. But our modern culture of mass production wants us to forget that such products a cocoa, coffee and tobacco were always products of adventure and exploration. With this chocolate gift box, we want you to prize new generation of modern explorers and travellers. In this box, you will find a bar produced by Bertil Akesson – relentless traveller and owner of several plantations of cacao and spices, whose father quit his fancy job of Dutch ambassador in Paris to start his own commodity business travelling around the world. You will also find an amazingly crafted chocolate bar produced by Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate – a chocolate maker created by two boat producers who are travelling to remote areas of Dominicans, Madagascar and Bolivia searching for perfect cacao beans. And finally, you will find a great collection of 5 mini bars of Marou chocolate. This unique and internationally famous brand was created by two drop-offs from financial and advertisement industry whose addiction to travel and adventures put Vietnam on the map as one of the best regions for sourcing high-quality cacao beans and producing luxury chocolate.

“Fat-Burner” Chocolate Gift Box

This Father's Day guide wouldn't be complete without mentioning our brilliant range of 100% and low-sugar chocolates. Our healthy chocolate gift box features some of our finest 100% (no-sugar) dark chocolates - from the floral Pralus bar, to deep in taste raw chocolate bar by Pacari. The box becomes even more stylish when we add award-winning Heart of Darkness by one and the only Maou, Faiseurs de Chocolat.  

"Port Royal" Chocolate Gift Box.

The ultimate gift for the real pirate and porto lover because nothing says of Father's Day like a fine glass of port. Our milk chocolate has been selected specially to be paired with Tawny Port. But in case your dad is a dark chocolate lover, we added to this box two chocolate bars that will perfectly match his Ruby Port. We created this chocolate box just to satisfy any preferences of your Daddy. If your dad is not really familiar with port we would like to recommend him to dig more into this great Portuguese wine which tastes great with great chocolate.    

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